So I've already been approved for the loan. Now I'm considering my options. First choice is Diamanté. However I've heard good things about the Infinity. I was also considering the one with the split keyboard (can't remember the name). And lastly I considered purchasing a refurbished machine through StenoWorks and was advised against it. What's your experience with your current machine and thoughts on purchasing refurbished via StenoWorks or Acculaw vs directly through the company? Thank you!

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I bought two used writers through Acculaw about 10 to 15 years ago.   One had a weird, small glitch that I could never figure out but I dealt with it.   Then I bought another used writer that the hard disk went bad right away, but Acculaw fixed it for free. I really liked that machine.  Then I wanted to go paperless and bought Mira from SG and still have that.  It stacks though.  

I am curious to know if the Impression can be serviced locally.  That is one thing I dislike about  SG's new writers.

I was very surprised to find out that the Diamantes are not allowed to be serviced locally!! I just called Steno Doctor to verify this. I didn't know this! Something to think about. So what happens at the time of servicing? Do I get a loaner or should I keep my Mira A3 as a backup? Sorry if that's a dumb question but I want to know what I'm getting myself into before I make a purchase.

If you look a ProCAT's Impression, they have a special right now:  0 down, 0% financing, and no payments for 90 days through the end of the month.  

Regarding the new machines being repaired locally, I just took my ProCAT Stylus in for a complete tune-up to the most local guy here.  He said that all of the new machines are only being done in-house for the first few years because they are very different from the older machines.  He expects at some point that they will have to train the local technicians on the Diamante, Impression, etc. because they will not be able to keep up with repairs.  He doesn't know when that will happen, though.  

Stenograph is having that same deal right now which is why I'm considering buying the Diamanté. So how do you like the Impression? I want to look into that one too.
So I had an opportunity to "test drive" the Diamanté (but not the Impression) and spoke to both Stenograph and ProCAT sales reps, and I've decided to go with the Impression. They have a five-day return policy, no penalties....just in case. However I have a feeling I will love the machine. There were more pros with the Impression for me. Can't wait to fill out the paperwork on Monday!

Kelli, I'm really inclined to go for the Impression based on everything you've said about it. I like that it has a lighter touch due to the plastic keys and that ProCAT is in LA which is 40 miles from where I live vs Chicago. The fact that I'd have to ship my machine to Chicago for service with Stenograph is almost a dealbreaker for me. Plus I don't like what I'm hearing about some of the issues some of you are having with the Diamanté. I'll be calling ProCAT tomorrow to see if I can test one out before I commit to purchasing one.

I've never had issues with the E key and I have had my diamante for four years.  However, I did get it shimmed (shortened stroke) and I have had some issues.  I would not retrofit.  I suggest you wait for the next convention (if you can) and try them out that way.  

I have the Impression.  I ship it to Calabasas.  I buy the premium maintenance plan.   They've always taken care of any problems I've had with it.

Hey, Ann

Let us know what you think of the Impression when you get it.  I'd love your feedback.  I know I like mine a lot.

I ordered it last week and I'm waiting to hear back to see when I can expect it. I'm really excited!! I will definitely let you all know how I like it. It's hard to find any reviews on the Impression so I'll provide one once I've had a chance to work with it a bit. Thanks for all of your input!

Ann, looking at your comments, you were about to buy that Impression back in December.  I'm contemplating the Diamante or the Impression.  I'd really like to hear your feedback on the Impression.  I have the elan Mira by SG now and am frustrated by the stacking.  Hoping to have that not happen much on a new machine.  How is the audio on the Impression?  I know it advertises a stereo input.  


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