Hi everyone;

I have a new HP laptop that I'm trying to set up to use for Digital Cat.  Through my software I have told Digital Cat to use the F6 key to start/stop playback for use with audiosync.  However,  I have to hit the function key and then F6.   On my other laptop (Lenovo) and my HP desktop you only have to press F6 for that function.  Digital Cat support told me it was a hardware issue. Does anyone know anything about newer HP laptop keyboards? Please advise.


Joan Boncore

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I don't know about HP keyboards, but I do know that on the Dell Windows 7, I had to go in and change the function of the keyboard from multimedia key to funtion key.  On my Dell Windows 7 it was under control panel, then windows mobility center.


I use casecatalys and also had similar problem with my recently purchased hp laptop
I believe it is a problem primarily with hp laptops. I have had toshiba and sony and have never had tht problem
Since then i have purchased a small sony vaio and "shelved" my hp 

My HP laptop is about a year old, but I don't have any problems whatsoever with the function keys.  It has Win 7 and I run AristoCAT on it.  Have you tried HP tech support?   They should be able to answer a question like this. 


Good Luck!


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