This was written by Michelle Keegan, a Boston court reporter. She wanted to find a way to remember our veterans and give back to them. I am sharing this to help get the word out there. I personally donated to Homes for Our Troops. The recipient receives $.90 of every dollar donated.  

"Although you may not personally know a veteran, veterans of wars are all around us. Sometimes they are the person in line behind us waiting to buy a cup of coffee or to buy groceries. Some of us have the honor of having them as family members, neighbors, friends and coworkers, and it is a great source of pride.
Veterans are the heroes of our society who we walk by and sometimes unknowingly interact with throughout our busy days. People may not even realize that a person that they know is a veteran. They are the people who put themselves in harm's way to protect the freedom that we enjoy, and then they quietly integrate right back into our society. And while we as a society are grateful for the sacrifices that have been made by our veterans, there is uncertainty as to how to express our heartfelt concern and gratitude for these men and women.
Veterans Day is a legal federal holiday set aside to honor the men and women of our society who serve and have served our country. It is observed in many different ways. Some people will raise a flag that day outside of their home, some may attend a parade, while others may make a donation to a veterans charity.
One way that we as court reporters can give back is by volunteering to transcribe the stories of a veteran. The National Court Reporters Association has partnered with the Library of Congress to record and transcribe memories of veterans through what is called the Veterans History Project. You can find information about this project at
However you choose to spend this Veterans Day, please know that it is an important day to show appreciation in whatever way you can to veterans past and present for the sacrifices they have made."

If you are interested in making a donation, below are some outstanding organizations:
Disabled American Veterans: htpps://
Wounded Warrior Project: 
Homes for Our Troops
Operation Phone Home

Thank you!

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