just curious how everyone else is doing it? They have on their website, "your Social Security statement" which makes me think it should be capped, but proofer sent something from a manual that says it should be capped with Social Security Administration.

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It's always Social Security, at least in the U.S. 

In general, if the official Website for any organization spells it a certain way, that's how we spell it, too.

I always do Social Security in my transcripts. 

Thank you for the question and answers, guys.  I am forever debating this one.  So I will take your lead and write Social Security from now on..

Thanks for the replies...capping from now on!!!

Yes, capped in Social Security Administration as that is the actual name of the agency.  But not capped if referring to social security benefits, social security card, social security checks, etc.  RULE 238 of Morson's.

I've discovered that most reporters capitalize "Social Security" when followed by number, claim, any of the other things besides "Administration." 

I also found that the U.S.Government Printing Office Style Manual (2008) includes it in their Capitalization list.  Here is the link to the manual:  http://www.gpoaccess.gov/stylemanual/browse.html.

In my opinion, maybe it's changed since the Second Edition of the LMEG was printed.  Other "older" reporters or scopists may chime in on that. ;)
In my experience, I've not experienced any reporter correct me on this formatting. 

Food for thought....

Ms. Devon Roberts
Scoping Made Affordable (SMA)

I learned to follow the Morson's format as well.  They taught that in school and it has stuck ever since.  One of those things I certainly struggle with from time to time. 


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