My contract with Stenocat is up in April and I would like to make the switch to Eclipse.  Has anyone else gone from SC to Eclipse and, if so, how easy/difficult was the transition?  

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Thank you for that thought.

I agree with Jenny.  Even though initially it might seem easier to transition to new software by making it emulate your old software's keyboard, I think in the long term you might regret doing it that way.  Any other Eclipse reporters you know will have completely different keyboards from yours and won't be able to help you fully, plus Eclipse probably has many, many functions your old software doesn't have.  I'm not sure how overlaying your old keyboard settings will affect those additional functions if you've reassigned the keys they would ordinarily use.  Possibly they would be unavailable until you learned they were there and then figured out how to assign keys to them to make them work.

I say jump right in, do it right, and don't look back.  And make sure you learn the Eclipse Hyperkeys.

Thank you for that.

Eclipse is awesome and I agree, it's a simple program to learn so listen to Jennie below.


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