Stenograph has a new writer? *Diamante* Pictures inside.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

I heard that they are telling their salespeople now and that it will be at the NCRA convention.

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There is a posting about this as well as some pictures provided by Mike Miller, aka "Depoman," on the website in the hardware topic listed under toys and gears. The post is about five or so down the page entitled "Newest Stenograph Writer..."

Gary, Thanks for the info.

I went to the Stenograph web site and found a video.

If you click on "writers" and then look to the left side of the screen, there is a link to it.

They are calling it the Diamante.
The writer is fugly, here are the pix and link for the video.

Video Link


What does that mean?
Well, then I guess I understand the term and totally disagree with it's use to describe look overall look of the writer.

Thanks Allison :o)
lol, I should have just said ugly :D
Fu-nny descriptions here, guys. Monti, I laughed out loud at yours -- haven't heard/seen that term in years.
Anyway, it has the design sweep of a Nike tennis shoe, looks like it would be lighter in weight but does that mean it's going to crack easier? It's got too much height for me in depos.

I love the idea of the LS and a 11" netbook and Stenocast, hopefully near wireless! Still looking at a Gemini for its egonomics, too.
Part funny looking, part ugly. Looks like a toy - kind of like Easy Bake Oven. Looks fun.
But obviously it costs more than an Easy Bake Oven.
Hope it doesn't smell like burning plastic like the Easy Bake Oven, Mary Jo!
Ooh, can you imagine that, smokin' at 260 wpm!
Looks like a turtle with a cape on speeding away!

I know, it is very weird in my world, I dream in cartoons and fight villains in my head.

I hope to God you're winning, Monti! (The fight against the nasty villains)


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