Stenograph has a new writer? *Diamante* Pictures inside.

Has anyone heard anything about this?

I heard that they are telling their salespeople now and that it will be at the NCRA convention.

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Okay, sorry, but I am laughing that people honestly care that others think the machine is fugly. I think it's ugly and looks really cheap. Who cares?? If it has a great touch I will probably buy one eventually.

And as far as ragging on Stenograph, I think if anyone just paid almost 5 grand for a new MIra the week before the Diamonte was released, and no one at Stenograph told you, can you honestly say you wouldn't be furious?
I don't like that big screen either. To tell you the truth, I haven't even loaded my dictionary onto my Mira, and I've been using it a year. LOL I always look at my laptop.
For years I'd been wondering why the heck I loaded my dictionary into my Mira. Until one day about six months ago at the beginning of an all-day surgeon's depo (from India!) right after my client asked the doctor to state his name for the record, my laptop started making funny noises and ping sounds and a little man with a hatchet started walking across my laptop's screen! I held my breath and then I started panicking -- right in front of everyone. I wasn't able to get the computer up and running again, but I was able to read my notes from the Mira screen. I'm so glad I don't rely on audio and that I ask for things to be repeated if I drop or can't hear something because I was reporting w/out audio backup, too.

Once a month, I now load an updated dix into my Mira. Better safe than sorry :)
After watching this video I must say, this is extremely impressive.

I saw the machine in action at the convention, and I've also seen the You Tube video about it - it looks like a really good machine, and I suppose like all machines out there, some will love it and others will hate it, it's all a matter of personal opinion :)
$4,795???????? in this economy? Does that come with APPLE software? Ha, ha, ha, ha! IF ONLY!!


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