Hello all. Sorry, but this is a copy of the last post from Janet's page. I'm still getting used to the different forums. 

I was wondering if anyone has advice on a digital recorder.  I am currently  a student at a pretty low speed and want to try a different approach to my practice.  I am interested in the kind that can adjust the speed-level, but the only ones that I've seen so far is an option for slow and fast.  Is there any that have a more detailed speed adjustment?  Thank you all.

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Hi, Cristal

I'm assuming you have access to a computer.  You can subscribe to these two enewsletters to learn English and Grammar rules relatively painlessly.   Jane Straus has grammarbook.com and there is a newsletter in the Quick and Dirty Tips website called the Grammar Girl newsletter (by Mignon Fogarty).  You may need to google the exact websites.  And I assume they must have a student section on NCRA.com (National Court Reporters Association) that would have more resources for you.

Thank you.  I'll definitely look at both of those sites.

I think you should be just as interested as getting grammar books.  Lillian Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters is a great one and has been around for many years.  There is also a new book by Margie Wakeman Wells.  I'm not sure of the exact title, but you can get it through the NCRA bookstore.  As far as a hard copy of a dictionary, that's not a necessary expense, IMO, as you have access to tons of dictionaries online for free.  I'd spend my money on the grammar books.

I know the difference between born and borne.  I can look at their sample sentences given for a word and decide if that is the proper word.  Those sample sentences also help in learning sentence structure.  Also, word endings, they tell me plenty.  A dictionary has a lot more to offer than just how to spell a word.

Thank you all for your advice.  I am taking what everyone is saying as valuable.  I do have Morson's Guide from one of my previous classes.  I struggled to get through it, but havn't really looked through it since.  But I can definitely see where I need to.  I believe that you are all very knowledgeable and experienced, which is why you are where you are.   I appreciate all of your imput. 

Thank you, Mary Jo for the advice.  Since this has been brought to my attention, I have already needed the use of my dictionary several times; not only for me, but also for my daughter with her homework.  I do love the spell-check option, but I can see where it has, more than likely, done more harm than good.



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