I have been working on a few Internet projects, and for some reason, the fonts I choose, i.e, Garamond and Georgia, look different in various browers.

I use IE (Internet Explorer), but when I pull up the Internet website in Firefox a/k/a Mozilla, the fonts were all fuzzy-looking and not aesthetically pleasing to my eye -- ugly and horrible, in fact! In IE, though, they looked crisp, clear, and quite beautiful.

This is really a dilemma when working on Internet projects, trying to make the website look GREAT in all browers.

So, it begs the question: What browser do you use, and why?

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There is no need to pay for AOL anymore. Just give them a call and cancel service. You won't have to change your email account. Nothing will change except you won't be paying anymore. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it's not. You're paying for nothing! :)

That change was made two or three years ago, I think, but if you missed the initial announcement, obviously AOL is more than happy to continue accepting your monthly fee.
I do remember the "free" AOL e-mail change, Sharla, and thanks for the reminder.

I think I like the other features that AOL offers, but then again, I have to think about them a little to remember what they were. LOL

AOL for me is more out of habit than anything else. You know that self-help book called "Who Moved My Cheese?" I guess I'm like the Hem and Haw mice who don't want to travel and find new cheese. In other words, change is sometimes difficult to swallow!

This is good to know, Rich. I am discovering there's a lot more to these browers than I had originally thought!
I second and third Google Chrome. It barely ever locks up, that's what I like about it. And I agree it does load faster.
That is great to know, Lisa. About every tenth time I hit the IE icon on my desktop, nothing happens. It freezes.

If Google Chrome will allow me to escape that nightmare, well, it's sure going to improve my work life.

What a great tip!
And when it does lock up, you have a yucch faced little icon that pops up and it says "Oh, Snap!" And it asks you if you want to reload or close. In other words, it lets you know what happened instead of you sitting there going, "Hmm, is it my browser or is it the Internet connection or is it Windows?"
That is so adorable! I want to get that little icon!! But alas, after using Chrome for a year maybe, I've never locked up!! damn!!! !!! (yesterday I had about 20 windows tabs open, so many that the tab icons did not show, only the tabs. As I closed some tabs, the icons came back into view. No locking, though! (I have 4 gigs of RAM)
I'm for Google Chrome also. I ditto what everyone else has said. I just love it!

But I've also been a web designer for the last ten years and you've entered the web designer's nightmare world - making sites look beautiful across all platforms.
Cindy, why do the fonts look fuzzy in Firefox and not fuzzy in Internet Explore browsers?

I feel as though I need to find a friend of mine who has an Apple computer, so that I can check them out in Safari browser.

Somebody told me to stick with Arial and Tahoma fonts, which I have. They still look fuzzy.

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The site looks great, it really does. I viewed it in Chrome and IE. For years I had to view in as many different browsers and computers I had access to, and using different screen resolutions. Now you build for the masses. You'll never win that battle. You'll never know if a viewer has zoomed their text, changing everything you so beautifully created. You'll never know if they have their computer set at over 100 percent to make their text larger in general. And you never know their screen resolution. When building for a client, you create for the client's computer. Yes, you must use standard fonts. Looks good!
Hi, Jennie.

The website looks fine in both FF and Safari. Didn't really pay attention to which font was used, though.

That said, the main page of my (cheap and sleazy) website uses an external CSS file to control the fonts. The file specifies two fonts for the main page (Trebuchet and Albertus), and, if those fonts were not present in the viewer's system, I specified a non-serif (san-serif, actually) font be used.

If I look at my site in IE6 under Wine on my Mac, IE uses that default non-serif font, because Wine doesn't have the fonts that I specified.

Hope that makes sense!

Oh, and when you get a chance, you might plug your page's address into this page.


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