I would like to know how much stacking and/or splitting people are getting with their writers, particularly the Diamante, Mira and Passport.

I have the Diamante and I know stroke setting depth and how fast you are writing, i.e., tough fast job,

I will get more of this.  But I also know that when I've had loaner machines I swear some of the loaners,

with the same exact settings as mine, don't stack as much or split as much.  

When I had the Passport writer, one thing I will say is it almost NEVER stacked or split on me.


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I have a Mira A3 and I never split before this writer.  Had a Stenura before.   I have stacked for the last two writers and my staking still continues to this day but I've globaled out most of the bad ones.   So now I pretty much just stack.   Never found an adjustment to alleviate it completely.

I've had the Mira, Stentura, ProCAT's writer ... Stylus? ... and now a Diamante.  The Mira was the absolute worst.  I may have the occasional stack or split word (YE on one line, -S on the other), but the Diamante touch is so beautiful and effortless to write on, especially numbers, I would never even accept another writer even if it was free, and I do mean that.  I just sent the Diamante in to be retrofitted to a shorter stroke and can't wait to get it back and try it out.


M.A., will you please let us know how the retrofit works for you?  I didn't know you could do that.  I love a shallow, light touch.  I'd be interested in the retrofit if you're happy with it.

Absolutely will, Janet.  I thought it would be here when I got back from vacay, so I expect it very soon.


I heard for the "retrofit" it's the same thing as downloading the new version on your writer because I talked to tech support and that's what they told me; you can do it from home.  I went ahead and bought a second Diamante with the shorter depth stroke and have the other Diamante for the backup.  The writer is not perfect but MA is right, it's by far the best writer I've come across. 

I'm the type of person that money is no issue when it comes to the best equipment.  The Diamante is the best I've come across so far.  To be the best, you have to invest in the best equipment.  Just my two cents.


Are you saying you were able to shorten the stroke depth at home from a download?

The download is NOT the same as the retrofit.  The download is a software update that includes Brief It to now be on the Diamante.  If you want the retrofit for the shorter stroke, you have to send it in to Stenograph.

I am thinking of doing that shorter fitting on the Diamante, but am told it could increase stacking depending

on how much one drags their fingers, which is what causes stacking.

Maybe that's true, but when I called Stenograph Tech Support, they told me the retrofit and the download "were" the same thing.  Maybe she was confused.  I don't know.

Kerry, I had a terrible problem with both stacking and splitting on the Mira.  I recently bought the Diamante with the hopes that that problem would go away.  It seemed to when I first got the machine, but now it's as bad as ever, plus double strokes.  I keep trying to adjust it.  At one point, I got it so it was pretty good, but it always seems to come back.  I have always been a pounder, so I think that might have something to do with it.  But when I try to write with a lighter touch, it all seems to get worse.'

I agree with you about the loaners.  I've thought the exact same thing.  So I'm thinking that I'm going to have to just constantly keep readjusting it.  I really don't know what to think, but it's driving me crazy. 

Why do you not use the Passport anymore?

The Passport didn't have very good audio quality, in case I needed it, and its audio files would not sync (at the time I had it anyway) with Catalyst files.  Also, I did not like dealing with their customer support and it was difficult to get

loaners quickly from them and their support did not include paying for shipping on loaners if "they" found no problem with the writer.  I had to pay the shipping, even with a support contract.


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