I'm Anabele Montgomery, CSR No. 13231.  I've been a deposition reporter for ten years.  I'm a graduate of South Coast College.  I've recently commenced employment with LA Superior Court and have a lot of free time right now.

I use StenoCAT 32.  If you need a scopist, please contact me.  

My rates are as follows:

Spot-checking with audio is $1.10 per page. Scoping with full audio is $1.25 per page.  My normal turnaround time is three days.  Turnaround time of less than three days is $1.50   per page.

PLEASE keep in mind that I will be SCOPING, not proofreading.  When I send you the scoped transcript, please make sure to proofread it or have it proofread.

Please e-mail me at Bellian83@hotmail.com.  I look forward to it!


Anabele M. Montgomery, CSR No. 13231

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