Okay. So now all those who've taken any of the so-called vaccines have given their consent to allow the Trojan horse devil's brew to be uploaded into their bodies which has now begun changing your God-given DNA into a chimeric (non-human) synthetic DNA which will continue in perpetuity creating proteins unnatural to your genome, until you die which will be sooner rather than later.  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a good one to listen to on this critical subject.  There are plenty of alternative web sites where banned videos can be watched where many doctors, virologists, biochemists, etc, are spilling the beans and warning against these body and soul-damning new slave driver vaxxes. DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINES.

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Thank you so much for sharing.

And Dr. Carrie Madej too!!

yeah, she is great!!

I looked her up.  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an anti-Vaxxer, period.  I'm not.  I believe in medical innovations.  I just had the Shingrix vaccine, 2 dose regimen, unpleasant reaction both times but at least I won't get Shingles, I don't have to wear a mask to protect me from Shingles, and it's done; no booster needed.  That being said, I think there are questions about these new "vaccines," and I found the video from Dr. Bossche, who's a pro-vaccine scientist, and this video to be compelling reasons to be concerned.   Why are we vaccinating teenagers who can recover from Covid?  It's not like Polio or Smallpox or Measles which harms young children.    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/were-in-a-race-between-the-variants-...

They are not vaccines according to the definition by the CDC. I saw the Dr. Bossche video.  I guess it's controversial, like maybe it's a syop.  Who knows. I was never an anti-vaxxer but I am now after learning about tons of stuff that I didn't know before. In my day, I only got about three to five vaccines.  Nowadays kids get anywhere from 62 to 69 to 72 are the numbers I heard.  That is ridiculous! God gave us an immune system for a reason.

Ellen, interestingly enough, my mother received the shingles vaccine and she got shingles right afterward.  Before that, was totally fine.  Thankful that you are asking questions.  What we all should be asking is "What are the ingredients in these vaccines?  Not what the outside of the box says, but what the actual insert reads.  Most -- if not all -- physicians don't even know what is contained in these jabs!  Those who do, don't allow themselves or their family members to receive them.  We all have to be our own advocates; because the governmental agencies established to do just that are in the pockets of Big Pharma and there is undeniably a revolving door of employment on different Boards to these huge agencies.  Can anyone say "Conflict of interest"?  You bet.  It's horrendous what they do and it's evil!    


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