Hi, all.  I have a similar requirement as a previous poster. :)

Looking for a scopist that:

1) has at least a year's experience scoping

2) will follow The Gregg Reference Manual

3) Follow spelling per Merriam Webster

4) will Be willing to scope to my preferences

5) Available for a 4-6 week daily trial using Connection Magic starting 1-27-14

email page rates for regular turnaround, daily, and expedite. Please send a few references. There is some urgency.




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Hi, Teresa,

I see back in January were looking for an Eclipse scopist to help you out. I'm sorry I don't check in with CSR Nation too often.  

But I wanted to let you know that I've been scoping for around 6-7 years, trained to read steno at West Valley College, will scope to your preferences, etc.  I follow Morson's, but can pick up the Gregg Reference Manual if it's different.  I have several current reporters that I work with.  I also use a software program that can get rid of any noisy humming in your audio if that's a problem for you. I have one client that get's quite a bit of high-pitched humming.

I use Dropbox to share files or however you send them is fine too.  I've also started working with Connection Magic too.  

If you're interested in using me anytime, pls. contact me and I have references and rate sheet available.


Jean Marie Beanland


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