I am looking for a permanent relationship with a second scopist.  Currently on Eclipse version 4.3. 

I am a realtime reporter with very clean writing.  Most of my jobs are videotaped, so I need a scopist willing to listen to full audio.  Normal turnaround from me to the attorneys is five working days, so I need fast turnaround from my scopist.  Occasional dailies are requested.  Very strong punctuation skills required.


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Hi.  Can you send your email address to legalproofer@aol.com?  I'd like to send you my rate sheet and work experience and background. 



Emily Warrick

Email address is:   ana@nmdepo.com

Have you selected a second scopist yet?  I need steady work and must add a reporter as I am the breadwinner while hubby is in school for his degree. 

Please contact me and let me know you got this note and what your search has determined.




I have selected a scopist.  Thank you for your reply and great luck to you.  Have a beautiful day.


I noticed on CSR Nation that you are looking for a scopist. I am looking for overflow work and would be interested in assisting you.

I have Eclipse 4 and 5. I do not charge extra for the use of audio as I feel this allows for the most accurate

transcription. My rates are flexible. I charge $1.00 per page with or without audio. This is for a standard 5-day turn around.

For quicker turn-around, 3 days or shorter, I charge $1.50 per page.

I typically begin work upon receipt, so I always hit my deadlines ahead of time.

I attended Court Reporting Institute of Dallas and have completed Best Scoping Techniques.

I have been providing independent contractor services for the past three years to various nationwide court reporting entities scoping multi-state judicial proceedings from federal, state, district and local courts from preliminary hearings through trial in both criminal and civil matters, depositions, and numerous agency/court/jurisdictional styles and guidelines. I have experience doing video depositions as well.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Wanda Eshleman

Apex Scoping


Hi, Ana Maria, I am a full-time working scopist looking for extra work.  I have quick TAT and my rates are very competitive.  I have excellent punctuation skills and always listen to full audio on all jobs. I have Eclipse 4.3, 5 and now 6.  If you are interested in trying me out, please email me jm@beanland.com for additional questions.  Jean Marie Beanland


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