Is it me or has there been a drop in the amount of trials being held in court? My opinion is it's the economy and the government, insurance companies, plaintiffs, etc., do not want to spend the money to go to trial which is cutting into our revenue.

Okay, discuss among yourselves!

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Quick question, are you federal or superior? I know CA has a budget crisis, so some of the Superior Court reporters are not getting paid as quickly for the criminal appeals stuff bec if at all and yet they still have to produce those transcripts. Bummer.

How's the state of the state budget is a valid question at these timesp
Hey, Kyung, I'm in Federal here in Brookly, New York. My theory is all the government agencies are being told to tighten the belts.
You're probably right.
Well, I'm in family law here in California, and it's not slow!
I've been working my fingers down to the quick!
Everyone wants to modify support, child and spousal!
just in time for the holidays!! (no, I'm not cynical, really!)
superior court


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