I've got the basics down, I think.

Direct Examination
Cross Examination (Cross-Examination) with or without hyphen?
Redirect Examination
Recross Examination (again the hyphen question)
Further Redirect
Further Recross

But what about Rebuttal witnesses.

If a witness has been examined and crossed, and then brought back as a Rebuttal witness, do I call it Redirect or do I call it Rebuttal or what?

Any help or clarification would be appreciated.


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My understanding is that it is rebuttal. The attorneys or court will usually mention it is rebuttal, and rebuttal is after the defense has rested. Hope this helps.

Cross-examination is with a hypen, and recross-examination is with a hypen.
So should I call it Rebuttal examination?
Hi. I had this situation come up within the past year and a seasoned reporter at my courthouse said to use DIRECT EXAMINATION, CROSS and so on.


Thanks. Very helpful.
And following up to Trina's comment, you should not the witnesses on rebuttal as a separate section of the index.
Thank you all so much.

Exactly what I was looking for.
perhaps you've all got the answer I've been looking for!!

how do I show it when a witness is called under 776?

I put in my transcript:


but how do i show it when the other atty asks questions of the witness?

is it CROSS-EXAMINATION or 776 CROSS-EXAMINATION or something else?

here's a second question:

in family law, the attys frequently call their clients as witnesses.
so if the petitioner atty calls the respondent (client) as his witness,
how do I label it when the respondent atty cross-examines the
respondent (his own client) is it redirect examination or cross-examination?
I asked this of the law teachers at the local court reporting school and
they didn't have an answer.
does anyone here?
thanks, Laurie! I appreciate your response.

in my memory, somewhere I was told to put


on the index page as a separate section from EXAMINATION

but I can't remember how to show cross-examination of a
776 witness in this separate 776 EX section.

and I agree with you and your judge and I have been using
cross-examination of the witness who was called under 776.



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