My Labtec mic for the Passport (original not the Touch) just died and I can't seem to find one - except that Amazon had a seller for $119.  At first i thought it was $19 and figured whoa, that's way too high lol.  On the Eclipse website store, they only offer mics for the Touch.  If someone knows where to get mics (that maybe work...) it would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

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I have the CRM-1 microphone that came with my original Passport if you are interested.  I never used it since I already had a stenograph mic.  It comes with a cable extension.  I have no use for it.

that's very kind of you.

Please tell me how much I can pay you for it and mailing - 

Also, what's the kind you're using that is working for you?  I could try that too as a backup.

Thank you!!

I have just a regular battery-powered Stenograph mic that I can plug into my machine if I want to, but I usually don't record from it.  My laptop has a shared jack for headphones and mic, so now I use a USB mic from Martel solely.

I honestly have never tried this one.  It just came with my machine!  It's just sitting around my office not being used, and I just got a Touch recently, so I have yet another mic that came with that one.  You can just have it.  Maybe just send me a check for mailing charges.

Why don't you email me: for more details.


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