Hi everyone, so glad to have found this group!

I wanted to reach out and ask about your strategies for paying down debt. My husband and I are trying to pay down some credit card debt (more than I'd like but not overwhelming), but I feel like no matter what I do, we just aren't making a dent.

We're trying to use the snowball method, though it just seems like every time we get one card paid off, we're too low on funds and need to use it again until one of us gets paid, then it's just a vicious cycle. Any advice on how we can focus our efforts and actually make some headway would be appreciated.

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How are you snowballing?  Highest interest first, lowest balance first, or some other method?

We started with lowest balance first. Problem is that's our main credit card, so we'd pay it off then end up using it again. We've swapped to our highest interest which is also the highest balance and a card we never use; it's carrying a balance from before we got married. Hoping that works better.

It's super tough.  Do you have a snowball calculator so you can visualize when each item will be paid off?  

If not, I can search for the one we use and link it here.  I really liked it because you could play around with what you wanted to pay off first to see the impact.  You could also add a one-time payment to your monthly payment amount.

No, I haven't used anything like that. We essentially just watch everything on Mint haha. That sounds cool, though! I'll look into it.

It's definitely hard. Some of it is the discipline; we cook at home not often enough. Some of it is just the difficulty of how much we're making versus what we're trying to pay down. Anything that might help, we'll try.

Here is the calculator we have used for many years now.  I am happy to say the only two bills we owe are our mortgage and our RV. 


Thank you! We'll sit down and take a look at it tonight. :)


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