Hi, all!  Just wondering if anyone might have a suggestion for a good PDF editing program. I got an iMac computer today, so I'm trying to make sure it's something compatible with that, to state the obvious.  Two of my clients have been asking if I can use something like Adobe or iAnnotate (even though I know that's just for iPads) to correct work.  In terms of specifics, I'm definitely looking for something that will allow me to highlight in addition to typing in small notes, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance. :)

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I think I might be able to put myself into a full lotus in the not-too-distant ...!

... of course, getting *OUT* of the position might be another matter entirely!

Well, I am very late to this, but in case anyone else comes across this thread, I just started playing with PDF Expert.  The annotations are so much clearer to me than iAnnotate, and it has all the other features, PLUS an "undo" button!

I do want to check out some of these other suggestions, though!



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