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At the beginning of the season my favorite was Ven.  That quickly changed when he treated his client the way he did.  I like Dmitry more each week. 

I love it that there's other reality show addicts out there!  Thanks, Janet.

I was exactly the same.  Loved Ven's work, but the way he treated that woman who wasn't a perfect model size was horrible.  I've hated him since then, and I'm sick of his flower too!  I agree about Dmitry.  I'm liking him more and more each week.  I also like -- I can never remember anyone's name -- the blonde woman who likes to work in black.  Oh, and I love the black woman with the blue hair.  I love her style, and I really like most of her designs.  She makes real clothes.

I don't know if you saw last night's episode yet, but I was happy about the end result.  Christopher and Dmitry both did a great job.  We like the same people, Debbie.  I'm not a fan of Elena.  She was less evil this week, but I still can't warm up to her.

I'm so happy that I'm in - this group - and I totally agree with Janet and Debbie.  I didn't see last night's episode (thank God for On Demand!).  I can't wait to see it -


No, I haven't seen last night's show yet, thanks to the DVR gods.   And,yes,Janet,we do have the same taste - I cant stand Elena either.  I wish she would have gone instead of Gunner. Didnt like him at first but he grew on me.  although, he wasn't one of th better designers.  (forgive my typing.  I'm on my phone -- impossible keyboard!)

Mary and Debbie, have you watched the last episode yet?   What do you think?  

I was happy with the results.  I think Dmitry should have won -- kind of.  That piece was just beautiful and beautifully made.  Chris's idea was fantastic, and I think if he would have stuck with the original skirt that Tim Gunn poo-pooed, that it would have had more movement and looked better.  I didn't like the skirt part at all, but the NY skyline top -- genius.  I was REALLY happy to see Ven go.  Just goes to show how a bad attitude can ruin a good thing.  I'm ready for Elena to go now!

I'm with you completely!  I thought Dmitry should have won too.  I'm sure the Rockettes would have preferred to wear Dmitry's design.  Christopher's looked classy, but I'm not sure how they'll move in it either. 


It's funny that when Ven couldn't work with his usual Origami flower he couldn't come up with something else good.  His fabric was really pretty, but the fit was terrible.  It was baggy and blah.


Elena's design?   Bad majorette costume.

I've never gotten into this show before.  With the Bachelor, and Bachelorette, American Idol, The Voice, X Factor, I can't fit anymore in.  Sounds juicy, though. 

I know what you mean, Kelli.  We watch Project Runway, The Voice, X Factor, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and the Amazing Race.  Fortunately, they don't air at the same time during the season.  But this time of year gets a little hairy.  I'll be glad when Project Runway finishes in a couple of weeks so that all we have going is The Voice, X Factor and Amazing Race -- Oh, and Survivor.  Ahhhhhh! 

I don't usually admit to most people how much reality TV I watch...  Although I do have to say, I can't stand most of the banter on X Factor and The Voice, so we fast-forward through all of it except the actual performances and the critiques.  And on X Factor, we usually even FF through the critiques.  I'm not sure I'm going to make it through X Factor this season.  I'm really not crazy about the judges.  I like Demi Lovato a lot more than I thought I would, but Britney Spears is just really sad.  She seems damaged somehow.  Her body language and some of her reactions just seem like she's very guarded or withdrawn, kind of scared.  It's kind of hard to watch.  I feel sorry for her. 

That's funny that you say that, Debbie.  I wondered if Brittany was on some kind of medication that's doing that to her.  That's what it looks like to me. 


I'll tell you what I can't stand.  When L.A. likes someone, that head of his bobs from side to side like an Egyptian.   Please don't do that, L.A. 


I like the interaction of the judges on The Voice, especially Adam and Blake.  Christina and Celo, I could live without. 

Oh, Steve Tyler used to do that on American Idol too.  It wasn't the head bob, but he'd get this spacy look, and you knew that he was loving it.  I have to admit that I kind of do that too when I really love some type of music, I have to kind of block out the rest of the world so I can just be immersed it it all.  So that's the least of my problem with L.A.  I think his taste in music is questionable (yeah, yeah, I know he's made a bazillion dollars on his taste in music --we've also probably go him to thank for rap music!)  and when it gets to the mentoring, he's HORRIBLE.  All he does is puff them up with over-produced performances.

I agree with you on the interaction of the judges on The Voice.  I just get tired of Christina sometimes.  I think The Voice has the best judges of any singing show though.  All of them are really accomplished in their own genre.  And I love that they get out there and perform and prove that they are in a position to actually judge someone's singing.


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