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Oh, great.  Something else to watch....  I can't remember watching the Allstars last time.  My husband said we did, but I can't pull anything up about it.  But I'll be going through Project Runway withdrawel by then!  (I can't believe that my husband watches this with me -- and loves it!)


I can't believe that!  I only watch it when my guy isn't home or I watch it on my computer after the night of the show.  Mondo just won the Allstars.  He is my favorite designer from all of the seasons.  His colors and patterns are crazy, but crazy good.

I was so happy for the designer who won last night.  I won't say who it is in case someone hasn't watched it yet.

Just saw it, and I was glad too.  Although I was surprised at how much I liked the runnerup's collection.  I never really noticed him until the last couple of weeks, and he really grew on me.  I wouldn't have been disappointed if he had won.

I agree with you.  They did have the best collections.  I felt so bad for Christopher.  He took the judges' criticism and then got lost by putting too much out there.  He looked so worn out.  I hope he makes it as a designer.  He's great at it.


I liked some of Melissa's collection.  The white jacket looked much better.  I can't believe she didn't alter that white dress so that her model could walk.  It would have been pretty if it wasn't impossible to wear.


I saw the commerical for the Allstars, and I think I only knew one of them.  I must have missed quite a few seasons of the show.  Did they look familiar to you, Debbie?

No, I thought the same thing when I saw that Allstar commercial.  The only one is that gay Latin guy -- can't remember his name, but I really like him.  I really liked Chris's collection.   I thought it was the only one that I could see a lot of people wearing, but that's also why I though it shouldn't win.  It just wasn't anywhere near as creative as the others -- except for that print.  I thought that was beautiful.  I was surprised at how much I liked Fabio's collection. If I was 30 years younger and 50 lbs skinnier, I'd wear those clothes!

My favorite of all of the collections was the dress that Dmitry designed that was about knee length, the one the judges all commented on.  I liked what Fabio did after the judges' comments to him.  His designs were beautiful.  I do like the layering look.  The way he dresses is so funky and interesting. 


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