So originally being from Texas and now working in California, I've come across my fair share of spanish words within the deposition setting. I was wondering how the rest of you guys feel about putting spanish words in your dictionary.
The latest example I've had of this was la tortilleria.
And I've had several cases where the interpreter will say si instead of yes on accident. So, I'm inclined to put that in as well. What do y'all think?

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My judge said, "Thank you, senora, " just the other day to a witness. I put the tilde over the n and that's how the transcript read (I think it's CTRL W in eclipse). The word senora wasn't in my dictionary, but living in L.A., I have many other common Spanish words in my dictionary, like margaritas! But PARTICULARLY hundreds of Spanish names that have come up over the years and continue to come up... so I finally added them all over time. There are many words that are regional. I'm sure New Orleans has their fair share of regional words or Texas. We certainly do here in L.A. I do not write si, however. I throw up my hands and say I can't write Spanish!
Cindy L.A.
The problem is one time you'll actually know the Spanish word, the next time you may not. So are you going to write in Spanish once and the next time not. And once in a while it will sound like the word you think it is, and it turns our that it's not. It's an entirely different word that sounds similar.

It's easier to be consistent and say I don't take down Spanish.

And sometimes, it may sound like they're saying something in English and really they're speaking Spanish and vice versa. It's that Spanglish. And you're trying to figure out what they say, and suddenly you realize, oh, that's not English.

Also, if they do it once, they'll do it again. It's especially bad if counsel understands English. Then they stop waiting for the translation, and they'll just asking the next question after the witness answers in Spanish. At which point, I gently remind counsel, there was no English translation of that answer. They usually appreciate it.


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