I would like to use a scopist, RT or not, but I want them to have the exhibits as sometimes there is technical data (computer language, etc.) that requires the documents. They can be voluminous and I want some one local. Anyone willing to travel to the East Bay to work for a busy reporter?

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Hi, Yvonne: Just noticed your message above while browsing through the Realtime Scopists Group. I did notice that the message is a year old. Were you ever able to find a scopist to assist you? If you have a chance to check out my page here on CSRNation, you'll notice that I live in the East Bay (Newark to be exact). I've had occasion to work off actual exhibits the reporter gives me, in order to verify verbatim quoting and spellings of proper names and terms. We either exchange in person or the reporter scans pages of the pertinent exhibits and sends the scanned copy to me either from her own computer or through HP Photo Share. I also work with a reporter in my town who gives me all the exhibibits in order to set up her Exhibit Index page for her. If you still need scoping help, please contact me at loisw@pacbell.net to discuss further. THANKS
hey, I'd really like to talk to you. Can you call me at 510/787-4786.



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