BRIDGE (free realtime software for all CAT systems from Advantage)

I'm very curious about Bridge. I've downloaded it to my computer but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. I think it's just amazing that they've created a free realtime software for everyone.

Has anyone used it? If so, how is it? Is it easy? So any CAT system can use it; it's just that Eclipse is the only software that will refresh the screen after you've made updates, right?

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Is this LawBridge discussion group a good place to talk about TeleView, or should we start a specific TeleView setup?  I use TeleView ... but have some questions for you gurus out there.

I'm very curious about TeleView myself, like a lot of people probably are.  Feel free to post whatever you like here, but you might want to think about starting a new group for it so that, when people do a search for "TeleView," the group dedicated to it pops up.  Then you can have one place that most of the good info is in.  Know what I mean?


Do you use it?

I bought the TeleView and had Eclipse walk me through it.  It seemed very confusing and I didn't feel that AS really knew what they were doing.  I have never used it since I purchased it.  After I was done setting it up, I was scratching my head as to really how it actually worked.  Very confusing.

I have been using Bridge and Connection Magic. I  I'm no techie expert.  But I have used it on a trial for two weeks now connecting to the Judge.  One time after lunch it stopped and we just started it up again and it worked fine.  I'm on version of Eclipse.  I'm afraid to update any further because things are working fine and I see people having different kinds of problems.  I use a Lenovo x230 Laptop that I purchased already set up from Everbatim.  I think that's one of the keys to my success in having things run smoothly.  People complain all the time that Eclipse freezes, does this, does that.  I think it has a lot to do with the settings on your computer more than it's an Eclipse issue.  I love the fact Bridge refreshes.  If I "add a word" into my transcript from my keyboard it doesn't add it to the Judge's laptop.  It seems like you have to do a job or trash global for it to transfer into the Judge's laptop.  Again, I'm no techie by any means.  For me it was very easy to figure out.


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