I was resistant at first, creating conflicts on purpose. But after I did a few, I realized how valuable they are. Eclipse learns quickly which one to use and when.

THOERBGS - \{,}though{,}\though{,}\{,}though\though
*EUM - \{,?}I mean{,?}\I mean{,?}\{,?}I mean\I mean
AOEUMS - \{,?}I'm sorry{,?}\I'm sorry{,?}\{,?}I'm sorry\I'm sorry
HR-RBGS - \{,?}like{,?}\like{,?}\{,?}like\like
LAOEUPD - \{,?}like I said{,?}\{,?}like I said\like I said{,?}\like I said
W*UG - \{,}once again{,?}\once again{,?}\{,?}once again\once again
WRAS - \{,}whereas\{;}whereas\whereas
BA*E - \{,}by the way{,}\by the way{,}\{,}by the way\by the way
YOEUN - \{,?}you know{,?}\you know{,?}\{,?}you know\you know
TOUR - \{,}to your understanding{,}\to your understanding{,}\{,}to your understanding\to your understanding
TH*EG - \{,}then again{,?}\then again{,}\{,}then again\then again
THA*S - \{,?}that is{,?}\that is{,}\{,}that is\that is
F-K - \{,}of course{,}\of course{,}\{,}of course\of course
FOEUN - \{,}if any{,}\if any{,}\{,}if any\if any
FOEUNS - \{,?}for instance{,?}\for instance{,?}\{,?}for instance\for instance
FOEUNG - \{,}if anything{,}\if anything{,}\{,}if anything\if anything
N-FKT - \{,}in fact{,}\in fact{,}\{,}in fact\in fact
N*EN - \{,}in general{,}\in general{,}\{,}in general\in general
ST*E - \{,}so to speak{,}\so to speak{,}\{,}so to speak\so to speak

It's also useful to create a conflict with those strokes you often stack.
T-RBGS - \{,}it\it{,}
T-F - \it have\of it
TOU - \to you\you to
THAU - \that you\you that
DOFPLT - \do{.}\{.}Do

I could go on and on, but you get the idea, I'm sure.

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Hi Jenny,

I got training with you over the phone a long time ago.

You might not remember me.

I got your name from Anita Paul.

She says get rid of all conflicts.

I've always used the artificial intelligence with conflicts.  

How did you decide to use conflicts opposed to getting rid of them?


Wendy W.

Thanks, Laura -- I downloaded them all, and will put many of them to use! I can tell you this series of discussion has prodded me to take a good look at my dictionary. Yeah, conflicts! Lori


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