The videographer asked if I wanted the direct feed before the depo and I said no, not knowing how, where, what settings, does it replace my audio in Eclipse?  Any help would be great as I think quite a few are coming up.

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Recently I received an MP3 audio file to go with a transcript.  I downloaded Pazera Free from CNET and converted the MP3 to a WAV file.  After tinkering with the time codes, the file played as though it had come as an audio-sync file!

Leslie, did you delete your orig audio file and rename the converted one?


Yes, you always want a direct feed!  My video guy has a long cord that he connects to his audio and then the other end you connect your headphones or earbuds to.  It has nothing to do with your computer.  Even if the people are on top of me I still like that direct feed.  So much clearer!  Try it next time.  You won't be disappointed!

Yes, I always use a direct feed with headphones.  I'm talking about a direct feed replacing my audio with his audio.  With the mics on every person, it is better audio than mine for playback when I re-live--ahem--relisten to the entire depo for scoping...ugh

Gotcha.  My V just gives me his digital recording of it and I take that and dump it to my computer and use it if I think it will sound better than my own audio. 

I did copy his audio file to my desktop and pulled it up from's just a pain to go back and forth from eclipse to the audioplayer.  I downloaded Express Scribe to be able to control the rewind playback better instead of dragging it back and forth.  Normally my audio is really good and so it's not a big deal, but my battery on my mic was going out on this job so very staticy so had to use the video audio more.


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