I used my iPads yesterday and used Connection Magic to stream the realtime feed.  It works flawlessly and amazing.  I was so excited.  Too bad I just bought LiveDeposition because my own software through Eclipse does it for free.  Very cool.

I do understand from Eclipse they are going to start charging for this feature eventually though.  I guess our $600 fee a year is not enough.

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OMG!  Say it isn't so.  I love Connection Magic!  Did they say when they would start charging???

Yes.  Sometime in April.  Very curious how much it's going to be.  I hope not a lot.

Kelli, will Live Deposition offer you any other features that Eclipse/Connection Magic does not?  Also, is CM only for use with a scopist?  Thank you.

No, I used Connection Magic on Thursday last week to output realtime to attorneys.  It works very well.  So there is two ways to use CM: with a scopist and to output your RT to attorneys.

They just started. However, CM is free.  It's the RT to the attorneys you have to pay for.  

" I guess our $600 fee a year is not enough." -- That's what I said!!!

Connection Magic itself is an intrinsic part of Eclipse Version 6.  There is no extra charge for CM.  Jeremy is working on the software some reporters use, in addition to CM, to real-time to attorneys.  While it's being developed, it is free to use.  When it's fully developed, a charge to use it is likely.  At least that's my understanding.  Don't hesitate to ask him about it.  You can post your question in the Development section of the Eclipse website.

I love this software, too!  My scopist and I have been working with it for a long time now.  She is unavailable for a daily rush arbitration on Tuesday, February 17th.

I am looking for a Connection Magic scopist to start at 8:00 a.m with me.




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