Hi, everybody. I'm looking for information on hardware, specifically playback devices in regards to getting into medical and legal transcription. Any advice on the best most reliable products out there?

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Hi, Sabrina. Please give me a little more detail on what you're looking for. Then I may be able to provide a better answer to you that will be helpful.
Thank you, firstly, Jennie, for taking the time in replying.

A very good friend of mine is interested in medical and legal transcription. She's going to work on her own and is trying to amass the necessary equipment for the job. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone doing that type of work, so I figured: Ask the Transcriptionist Group at this website. I'm referring to hardware for playback in regards to cassette tapes, both regular and mini-cassettes. Any reliable makes and models come to mind?
Most of the transcription these days is digital, and for that, she would need an Infinity foot pedal with a USB plug.

As far as a transcriber for tapes, I recommend Panasonic for microtapes. I do not like the other brands -- Sony, Olympus, Dictaphone -- for microtapes, and microtapes usually have poor audio quality.

For standard tapes, I would recommend purchasing a new Sanyo TR8080. Otherwise, get an old Sony transcriber off of eBay. The new Sony transcriber will break down, as it has plastic gears and does not hold up.

Jennie, thank you so much for the info. It's greatly appreciated and helpful!!!


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