Hello all-

I was wondering if anyone else has had problems playing .dss files in
Transcription Buddy with a newer version ( of dsscore.dll.

I have been in contact with their support staff, and they tell me that
finding an older .dll version is the fix. An alternative is make a
registry entry, but they haven't tested that yet.

I was wondering how common this is.

Does anyone have a version V5.1.0.35 or earlier they would be willing to share? I have searched the Internet far and wide and have not yet been able to find a suitable version.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Hi. I know I am coming late into the discussion, but since no one has responded, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

I have never used Transcription Buddy. I do have StartStop and Express Scribe. Express Scribe will read DSS files.

Also, on the Express Scribe website, you can try the Switch Sound Converter free for a 30-day trial. Then it costs about 35 bucks or thereabouts. Switch Sound Converter will convert the DSS file within a few seconds to an MP3 file. I have had to use Switch Sound Converter when I get CMA files, which are encrypted. They play, but I cannot send them to another via FTP or e-mail. So, when I receive these CMA files, I immediately convert them to MP3. I really love the Switch Sound Converter and have used it many times
Thanks for the reply. I ended up purchasing the Switch Sound Converter a couple of months ago to solve my issue. I use Express Scribe the majority of the time. The issue is with a second foot pedal I have which is not compatible with Express Scribe. It has come in handy on a couple of other projects too!
Similar to one of the other replies, I've always found dss to be a little temperamental. When I used to use that format on Transcription Buddy, it would work with the foot pedal fine for a while and then it wouldn't respond and I would have to reboot the computer. Eventually, I started converting the dss to wav files and the problem disappeared, plus the wav files seem to have better audio quality.


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