In an effort to avoid violating the Sherman Act, I will speak in generalities.  A client asked me recently to justify the cost of an ASCii disk charged by another reporting firm.  I was shocked.  The cost was over 175% of what I and others I know charge.  I think a possibility is that the firm is not charging for an appearance fee which they would have to share with the reporter; on the other hand, if it is for a disk then the firm would not necessarily share that with the reporter.  Any thoughts?

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Comment by Barbara A. Como on February 14, 2015 at 23:28

They got a transcript and exhibits.  No problem there.  Then he got an ASCii on a disk which he actually didn't order, but got billed an outrageous rate.  This firm I know does not have an appearance fee and also does not pay for any part of the CD.

Comment by Amanda Leigh on February 14, 2015 at 17:47

ASCII disk?  Not following you.  Did they get a CD with depo(s) in E-Tran and/or .pdf and exhibits for 175% more?  And 175% more being outrageous depends on what you and others you know charge.  You guys may be underpriced and not even realize it, thanks to our boy Sherman.

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