Well, I can't reply to Kathryn directly on her page because that would necessitate my making a list of goals -- something I've never done to my recollection. I've always fallen into things: reporting, parenthood, homeownership.

Kathryn, you are so driven. I admire that so much. Just isn't in my hardwiring at all. I don't care a lick about letters behind my name, about being published, about contests. I do like helping students, especially those nearly ready to work. I'd like to get into mentoring more, in an informal, casual way, and possibly training. I'm not much of a pursuer, though, so if anything like that happens, it'll be another trip and fall into clover.

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Comment by Brenda Rogers on May 24, 2009 at 11:35
It's a wishy-washy goal, Kathryn, not like yours, where you really know where you want to go. These current opportunities have, again, fallen into my lap. But you do make a point; we all have goals, even if they're not at all lofty. :)
Thanks for adding me. I didn't realize you weren't on my list!
Comment by Brenda Rogers on May 23, 2009 at 14:15
"Speak at" just sends me shrieking! Okay, that's a little dramatic. LOL But definitely makes me shrink inside. I'm far better one-on-one or posting helps on forums. I have a couple just-out reporters that I am in touch with and want to help and a local theory student was put in touch with me. I need to get my ideas together to be more than a bump on a log for them. :)

Jeanese, you are such an organizer! I think you win the Most Groups on CSRNation Starter award! :)

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