Does anyone have briefs for post-millenium years that include the apostrophe?

"I visited SF in '01, but moved there in '02."

I can stroke the final P before the numbers to get '01, but that's difficult most of the time.


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How about AOE then the number?
or AO*E
AOE is my apostrophe S ('s). But thanks!

I was thinking about hitting the "O" differently, such as "au 1, au 2, au 3," and defining it that way....

hmmmm, should be interesting!
Keep trying. That's the stroke I use, and it was tedious at first, but It will become second nature before you know it.
Firstly, I do transposed numbers with an EU in them, like this:
01 10EU
02 20EU
03 30EU
04 40EU
05 50EU
06 06EU

To add an apostrophe, I just put in an asterisk, like this:
01 10*EU
02 20*EU
03 30*EU
04 40*EU
05 50*EU
06 06*EU

Works with the pre-millenium years as well:
'91 1*EU9
'85 5*EU8
'77 *E7

And for full years (e.g., 2001), without commas around it, I do like this:
2000 2OU
2001 12OU (of course, the O's are zeros, but it works in my warped head)
2002 2OU/2 (only one you have to come back for besides 2010 and up)
2003 23OU
2004 24OU
2005 25OU
2006 2OU6

And to add commas around the years, as in "January 8, 2008," I put an asterisk in, like this:
2000 2O*U
2001 12O*U (of course, the O's are zeros, but it works in my warped head)
2002 2OU/2 (only one you have to come back for besides 2010 and up)
2003 23O*U
2004 24O*U
2005 25O*U
2006 2O*U6

It may seem complex at first, but it works wonderfully for me. Whatever sticks, right?

I hope this helps.
Anybody thought about 2010, 2011, 2012, etc? I write TWEN for 2007. The next decade numbers are starting to pop up in depos. Just wondering if anybody has any ideas.
I write those with the letter R in with the number
2012 - 12-R, etc.
2013 - 13-R

2011 is 1-IR (Because the I for me doubles any number that I wrote)
Thank you, but I don't use the number bar. I write twun, twout, twaoe, twour, twaoeuf, twen, twaeut, twaoeun, and then I'm stuck.
2000 = TW
2001 = TWOPB
2002 = TWU
2003 = TWE
2004 = TW-R
2005 = TW-F
2006 = TW-BGS
2007 = TW-FP
2008 = TW-T
2009 = TW-PB
2010 = TWEPB
2011 = TW-FPB
2012 = TW-FL
2013 = TW-RPB
2013 = TWEURPB
2014 = TWOURPB
2015 = TWAEF
2016 = TW-BGZ
2017 = TWAEFPB
2018 = TWAEUPB
2019 = TWOEUPB
2020 = TW-PBT
I guess I went to school tooooooo many years ago. We never learned our theory with the number bar. Our instructor believed in using the actual words for numbers because she thought there would be less chance of a misstroke. Since I've built up my dictionary for, oh, 20 years or so, I've carefully defined my post-millenium briefs with A-E for my apostrophe. I hardly get any real time requests since I've moved to Tulsa, so I kind of don't care anymore if there's a conflict. :o)

....but I am looking for a one-stroke brief form for INTERIOR and EXTERIOR. I haven't found anything I've been comfortable with yet. I am the brief form queen, but these two have always given me problems.
In my theory that I learned, SPW was "int" or "imp," and SKP was "ex."
SPWOR interior
SKPOR exterior

Other options you could think about:
TROR interior
SKROR exterior
I learned Digitext Theory in ' about X-R for exterior and SBR-R for interior?


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