There is a huge post on the Total Eclipse (Advantage) website with this issue. So I just wanted to stir the pot over here.

For me it started one rainy summer's nght. J/K.

Really, I had never had any freezing issues my realtime until the latest. And then I would be writing, then all of a sudden my realtime would stop scrolling. Sometimes it would start up again and sometimes it wouldn't. AAARRGGGHHH. I did get a new laptop in December of 2006, but this started happening July of last year.

I think Eclipse thinks it's some kind of issue where the serial-to-usb connection is timing out so that Eclipse is no longer getting a feed. They're saying if you've got a serial to serial connector from your writer to your laptop, then you shouldn't be having this issue. Unfortunately, my laptop only has usb. I've had a pcmcia card (Socket) before. But when my old computer crashed bec. of Trojan virus and had to be taken back to spec, I could never get the d#$m, friggin', card to work again. Socket also has the worst technical service ever bar none. Anyway, back to the main issue of the post.

I am currently on Eclipse, which is the release version, not dev. I have not had any problems so far. Knock on wood. So for those of you out there who are having freezing problems, there is a light for now. But if those problems continue, you should definitely call tech support, post. The more noise you make, the more info they have to fix it.

And also, this is to let you know that you are not the only one with this problem.

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My version is, and I have a Cool Gear USB-to-serial adapter, and I just had it happen again today. I will be going back to a PCMCIA-to-serial adapter next.
I think is a newer version. I think you're working on the developmental. Maybe you should download the release version. Of course, going back to PCMCIA will probably solve it. What kind of pcmcia card are you going to use?
Probably Quatech, if I'm spelling that right. It's supposed to be "commercial grade." Although, I really do wonder how much adapters have to do with this issue. As mentioned, that's what the software companies blame it on, but I read over on depoman that Chuck Motter was still having the freezing problem after switching. I believe he's on the most recent version of the software, as well.

Now I can't find the thread about Chuck. Does anyone else remember where that is?
Where I learned about the "commercial grade" terminology is Dorothy McGrath's website. She seems very knowledgeable about all this and has some great tips. One of the tips I just discovered has to do with changing the port settings in case it's going to sleep, so I'm actually going to try that before the new adapter, since it's cheaper, lol.
i just ordered a PCMCIA serial adaptor and hopefully that will be the end of the dramas!
I have a Dell laptop. I don't think I've hooked up for realtime since I've had the freezing issue so I don't know what will happen. The feed to the attorney is usb to serial. So I don't know if that will be an issue or not. Would love to find out your experience when you hook up.
When you say "two separate processors" is that the same as a dual processor? Sorry if the question seems too basic but I am a dunce where computers are concerned. My new lap has "dual processor" and I am having the "not responding" problem. I am thinking of splitting up my computer and loading XP back on and work in that environment.
This is a question to everyone who has been replying here. What systems are you on. My old laptop is XP and of course the new one is Vista. Do we all have Vista with this problem or is it truly the USB connection issue? Just thinking as I'm sitting here reading all the posts.
I'm still on XP. I got the upgrade CD to Vista, but I haven't installed it. So it's not a Vista problem as far as I am aware.
The last resort is getting one of the tech guys from eclipse who has been around for a while. Every time you have a problem you should write down who you spoke with and see which ones are the most helpful. Some no a lot more than others and you can ask for them directly if you know their name and of course they're working.
Gee, that was really helpful.
1. Complaining here so that other reporter who are having this problem are aware that they're not the only one having this problem. A lot of people do not go to the Advantage website that goes to this site. There are a lot of different sites out there where different reporters go to. I know a lot of people who don't go to the Advantage site. If you call up tech support, a lot of times they make you feel like either you're the only one having this problem or it's not really that widespread. I think this problem is a lot more widespread than most of us know bec. there are so many users who go to so many different boards or who don't do a lot of Internet stuff at all bec. they're busy or they're afraid of being yelled at by people when they ask questions. I am currently working one-on-one w/support to fix my realtime freezing issue.

2. I did dowload the driver for the pcmcia card twice!!! I also went to support staff for the manufacturer of the card as well as to Eclipse to get some sort of help. I find that Eclipse support staff is very helpful for the most part. But even they cannot fix everything.

3. What is your understanding of the fix. Since I obviously do not understand, please share it with us so that others can have this problem so easily solved.

4. I may well have two different issues going on, but that does not mean they're not interrelated. Also, please be aware that I am working w/tech support and they are aware of both issues.

5. I am having problems w/the latest version. I was advised by Eclipse support to download the latest version in hopes that it. It has not solved my problem, but it was one step of many that we have been going through to trouble shoot.

7. I have looked at usb/serial adapters. In fact, I am currently using one that was recommended to me by The Steno Doctor. Unfortunately, it has not solved my problem.

Thanks for your support and positive attitude.


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