Do you release a rough draft to the agency to distribute, or do you distribute it yourself?

I've noticed a lot of agencies like to maintain control over the rough draft and distribute it themselves. Mostly, I believe, it's so they can make sure the attorneys have signed order forms, good credit, are going to pay, etc.

My only worry in giving agencies control over my rough draft is that I can't be sure of who's getting it, and if I'm going to get paid for it. Sometimes orders for roughs drafts come in after the depo happens, via email. And in California we're obligated to inform all attorneys present that a rough was ordered. If I'm not distributing it, how can I know who's ordering?

I would like to think that agencies wouldn't send out roughs without paying the reporter, but I've had other unethical things happen to me. So it makes me worry.

I completely understand their wanting to maintain control over distribution, but I find it difficult to trust and difficult to explain my position without the worry that I won't be called again for work, be labeled as "trouble," etc.

I'm looking for other reporters' opinions on how they do it and how they feel about it.


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>some attorneys will deny that they said that on the record<

This sleazy behavior has happened to me. The agency didn't push it. It was one of several serious problems I'd had with this agency, and I decided not to take their jobs anymore.


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