If anyone can help me on the bazillion questions I have, I'd sure appreciate it.

Firstly, I like my text big on the screen. I figured out to go to user settings, display, editing font. But now I'm having an issue with half of it being hidden by the steno window. So I found out how to get rid of that (ctrl shift F5). But it's still pretty far to the right of the screen. Why does it show so much blankness on the left of the screen? I've uploaded a screen shot to anyone who cares to be a generous soul and help me out with this.

I've got lots more questions, people, so watch out!

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You have to have your numbers conversion turned on for the system to put in the dollar sign at the front if you write it at the end. And you need to define the DZ as the word dollars. The metadictionary is where the word dollars gets converted to a $, but only if you have your numbers conversion on.
Okay, but I don't want Eclipse to convert any numbers for me. I write them how I want them to look. Is there a way to turn off all of the settings except the "give me a dollar sign" setting?

Thanks for all the help, guys.
I think the answer to this one is to have a stroke for your dollar sign and then don't check the number conversion setting.
That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out: How do I define my dollar sign stroke to place it BEFORE the numbers just written?
Basically, what you have to do is re-invent the wheel.

The reason that the number conversion puts the dollar sign in front of the money is that Eclipse tech built a macro to put the dollar sign in front.

So basically, if you don't want to turn on number conversion, you have to build a macro that says put dollar sign at the front of this string of numbers I just wrote and convert the string of numbers into a monetary amount. I'm sure there is a way to do this. The macro for the money conversion is already there. You just have to make a key stroke for it.

I will look into it if I have time or you can always call up tech support and have them walk you through it.

This is something we could do at the Eclipse Users Group.
Marla, it's all or nothing on number conversion. Without number conversion on, you have to write the numbers the way you want them to look in the order you want them to appear, including any signs. So:

What Brenda said. If you don't want to use number conversion, you have to change your writing so that the dollar sign keystroke comes before the numbers.
tha's right. It's all or nothing. I have the same problem. I wasn't using the number conversion and write my numbers that way I want them, but was having some issues with other things. ASI suggested I turn on my number conversion. It helped with a couple issues but now screws up my dollar sign if I don't get it in first and write dollars after - such as 10,388 dollars comes out as 10,$388. So I guess there's trade-offs for everything it seems. Don't know what to tell you but just write the $ sign first before you write the number.
Getting new CR software is a big, big deal. Changing some of your writing is IMO inevitable when you make such a large transition. That's why when I was software shopping, I was thinking in the longest possible terms. I don't expect to buy CR software again in my life -- thank Goddess!


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