When do you do an all-day realtime job, do you split it in two like a morning and afternoon session?

And if you do, do you close down the file and start a new one and ask the attorney to close down their file and start a new one?

Or if you close down your file, can they just keep their file open and the feed will start up again when you start a new file?

That's kind of what happened to me yesterday so I'm wondering how other reporters handle this.

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Kyung, if I'm e-mailing to a scopist for same-day delivery, I'll stop the file at noon; however, there's no reason to ask the attys to stop their files just because you stop yours. Their files will continue when you start to write again. Because of locking-up issues and different things, it might be a good idea to stop the file midday and start again.

I only split the job in two, a morning and afternoon session if it is an expedite so I can send the a.m. session at lunch throuth the internet to my scopist so she can start working on it. Then I send the afternoon session when I get home. That way I get the first part back much faster because she has an additonal, like, five hours to work on it.

Works great. I do not stop the attorney's RT feed, however. You just go back into another file, rename it to something else, but the RT feed just picks up where you left off.
I do the same as Mary Ann & Kelli -- shut down and open a new file after lunch, not having atty disconnecting. Sometimes the attorneys will shut their computers off at lunch, then you need to have them reopen and start/append to the morning session on their own laptop.

I usually name my files by "A," "B," etc. So if the job was taken today, I'd name the morning session "010810a," and the afternoon session would be named "010810b," etc.


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