Hi, All

I finally found CSRnation. (Thanks, Brenda)

I am an official reporter in Montgomery, Alabama. I have been reporting for 13 years, the first ten as a freelancer. I realtime every day for the best judge EVER. In my previous life, I was a bartender/waitress.

I am on the Alabama Court Reporters Association board as a director, am the webmaster of the ACRA website, and I'm the database manager for our association.

I am a Stenovations representative and a digitalCAT trainer. I write on a red LightSpeed (see my picture), and I maintain a blog about My Red Lightspeed. (see my website)

I know some of you from other boards, and I'm glad to be here. If you have any Stenovations questions, either sales or support, I'm happy to answer them.

My hobby is making hot sauce and pepper jellywith my sister, gardening (love to dig in dirt and play in my greenhouse) and remodeling our fixer-upper (I do not recommend buying a fixer-upper. It seems like a great idea, but it's just so much work!!)

Happy to be here!

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Welcome to our little community!
Good lord, you must be extremely busy!!!! People tell me an full of energy, thats because they haven't met you yet.
We are glad to have you here.
thank you for being a member.


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