Hello, Stenovations users

I am a court reporter who is a digitalCAT trainer and Stenovations representative. I will be happy to answer any/all of your questions here.

Greta Duckett

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Hi Greta:
Do you have a student version that I can easily get? I am in possession of Eclipse, an other version, student version, and still not sure which one to go with.
thanks and God bl ess you.
Dale Lardie
Contact Stenovations to get the student version installation. 1-800-626-7228.
does digital cat have any kind of number conversion program and if it does, how do you acess it? also if you write numbers both ways, such as I wrote 4 thousand 2 hundred 19 and it came out as 4,000 20019 19, and I want it to come out as 4,219, what do I do? also when I wrote that number I logged it into my dictionary and checked the attach numbers flag, oh, my what do I do?

There is a number conversion program. Go to Translator, Dictionaries. In the check boxes, under the dictionaries box at the top, the third box from the top is Numbers Resolution.

However, for numbers resolution to work, you have to take all your predefined numbers (like 2,019) out of your dictionary. This can be a difficult task, but it all works in the end. There are some numbers which you will add back in as the situation arises, but it is very few. To get to the numbers easily in your dictionary maintenance, sort English in your view.

When you use number resolution, you can then incorporate realtime commands to format some numbers. Most numbers will format already, but you can use the make time, make date, make (other format-- there's a bunch of them). For instance, if I write #1 3 0 in one stroke, I then invoke the make time command, and it formats 1:30, according to how I have it set up.

Some users do not want numbers resolution. There is a whole 'nother way to enter numbers in your dictionary when you do not. That is one of the things about DC that I do not know, but I have a trainer friend who does who can offer that training.
Is there anybody who trains people on Digital Cat in the New York area? I live in Plainview, which is on Long Island, and I have a friend in Baldwin who would be interested also.
Joan Boncore
Call Stenovations support and ask them if there is someone in that area. They can give you a recommendation.
Great to hear this. I have been on stenovations for about two years and would like to get hooked up and running on realtime. I have questions about going wireless, so I will be send more emails.
Greta is a wonderful person even though I haven't met her in person. I was attending Anita Paul's realtime workshop and, I admit I don't know my software very well, and Greta answered my questions and another person's questions who is on digitalcat extremely quickly.

Thanks again Greta,
You're welcome, Jayne. I hope you had a great seminar with Anita Paul. I can't wait to see her this week at our convention in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you all for your kind words.

Stenovations has a forum on their web site as well. Stenovations users can join and post questions. Check it out at http://stenovations.com/pforum/index.php.
I just got my digital cat software in the mail today. I've been on XEC, 2001 and now CaseCatalyst. I've always used "spacebar commands." Are you familiar with those? Can I get DigitalCat to do those commands?? I've been using them for 17 years and don't think I can change.
There is a table of commands that mimic Case Catalyst, then you can edit and modify them to your liking. In the Transcript Editor (you will do almost everything in Transcript Editor), go to Options, General. At the middle of the box are Dictionary folder, Transcript Folder, and Keyboard file. You want keyboard file. Click on Browse. Choose Case Catalyst.kbd. The kbd extension means keyboard, and there are keyboards for a number of softwares. Click Open.

To view your keyboard, go to Options, Keyboard. There are three tabs there. The first one is Standard Key Commands. These are the ones you will want to use. You can use the spacebar, control, alt and shift in conjunction with any keyboard key and each other to create commands. Look through the list. You can print it by clicking on the Print button at the top right-hand side of the box. The first column is what the command does. The second column is the key combination to execute the command. You can add, edit and delete commands. As you go through, keep in mind that "caret" in the commands means your cursor. It is kind of confusing at first because we think of ^ as caret. Also, Paragraph in these commands means a new FORMAT paragraph -- Q, A, colloquy, parenthetical, default, etc.

At the bottom, click on Use Space, and put 1 in the Spacebar Delay box.


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