I need help with any or all brief forms for calculate, calculator, and calculation. What do you use? Help.

And to add to it, I stroked "my calculator" out and it came up as Michael cue late or . I'll never pass the CRR. *sniffles*

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Watch out, Jessica! You're going to start briefing and phrasing and hardly paying attention to conversations you're in because you'll be thinking, "I think I could write that in ONE STROKE!" LOL
LOL, uh-oh!
You know, I've been thinking about this post and all it really means. TPTB say that stroking out every single sound is the way to be RT ready and that briefs are how you run into problems. This is a perfect example of how false that is. If KLAIRT had been used, it would translate to exactly what you intended, whereas the FIVE strokes you used gave you a bunch of perfectly translated but absolutely wrong words. How can this be defended by those promoting these stroke-intensive theories?


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