Does anyone out there have the handout from Laura Brewer's "Need for Speed" seminar with all those cool one-strokers for phrases such as , of course, ? And if so, would they be willing to fax it to me? If so, please email me.

Blessings, Cathryn

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No, not practice journal, although that does sound interesting. It was a list of briefs. They were so good that I actually remember a few of them FOPD (off the top of my head). I need to get to an expedite, so I'll delay reciting them at this moment.

Thanks for checking, though.

I had saved this link off the Depoman forum a while back. I can't remember who provided it, but it was someone on CaseCatalyst. It does show the one-strokers, though, just not how to define them within Eclipse. Here's the link:

Hope this helps! Do I get good karma now? I need some.
Well, never mind. I just looked at that, and I don't see one-strokers at all. I'm not sure why I felt the need to save that, unless I'm overlooking something!
Okay, I found what I was looking for. These are Eclipse definitions, too:

*EUGS = {,?}I guess{,}
EUPLZ = {,?}I mean{,}
EUPBGZ = {,?}I think{,}
AO*EULT = {,?}I'll tell you what{,}
TWA*EL = {,?}actually{,}
TKPWO*EPB = {,?}again{,}
AEU HEPL = {,?}ahem{,}
AURBGS = {,?}ah{,}
PHO*EUPBGS = {,?}among other things{,}
PWHRAU = {,?}blah{,}
PWHRARG = {,?}by and large{,}
PWEU -T PWEU = {,?}by the bye{,}
PWOEBG = {,?}by the same token{,}
PWA*EU = {,?}by the way{,}
AETS = {,?}et{~}cetera
TPRA*UL = {,?}first of all{,}
TPHRO*UD = {,?}for crying out loud{,}
TPO*EBGS = {,?}for example{,}
TPO*EUPBS = {,?}for instance{,}
TPHRAERPL = {,?}for lack of a better term{,}
TPHRAERD = {,?}for lack of a better word{,}
TPRA*PL = {,?}for that matter{,}
SR-PD = {,?}having said that{,}
HA = {,?}ha{,}
HAOE = {,?}hey{,}
HOUFRD = {,?}however{,}
-FG = {,?}if anything{,}
-FPB = {,?}if any{,}
TP*L = {,?}if you will{,}
TPHEFPBT = {,?}in any event{,}
TPHEFBGT = {,?}in effect{,}
TPHEPBS = {,?}in essence{,}
TPHAFBGT = {,?}in fact{,}
TPHART = {,?}in part{,}
TPHURPB = {,?}in turn{,}
KHRUBT = {,?}including{,}but not limited to{,}
TPH*PBD = {,?}indeed{,}
PHAOEPT = {,?}let me put it that way
PHAOEPTS = {,?}let me put it this way{:}
SPUT = {,?}let's put it that way
SPUTS = {,?}let's put it this way{:}
HR-S = {,?}let's say{,}
HR*BG = {,?}like{,}
HROEBLD = {,?}lo and behold{,}
HRORT = {,?}long story short{,}
THRORT = {,?}to make a long story short{,}
-FBG = {,?}of course{,}
OERBGS = {,?}oh{,}
OEUG = {,?}oh{,}my God
OEUGS = {,?}oh{,}my goodness
OEURB = {,?}oh{,}my gosh
W*UG = {,?}once again{,}
AORBGS = {,?}ooh{,}
PRA*PS = {,?}perhaps{,}
KWA*EPBL = {,?}quite frankly{,}
KWO*PBL = {,?}quite honestly{,}
KWOEPB = {,?}quote-unquote{,}
SA*EU = {,?}say{,}
STPAOEBG = {,?}so to speak{,}
TA*D = {,?}ta-da{,}
THR-FRD = {,?}therefore{,}
THO* = {,?}though{,}
THRAO*UT = {,?}to tell you the truth{,}
WHOE = {,?}whoa{,}
KWRAUD = {,?}yadda{,}
UPBZ = {,?}you know{,}
UPLZ = {,?}you mean{,}

I just got the order for a rather large and very urgent (aren't they all) expedite, so please forgive the terseness. But thank you very much indeed. Typical thoughtfulness on your part to post these.

Blessings, Cathryn
My handout has magically reappeared, so never mind.

Blessings, Cathryn


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