I have been scoping for the past 3 years, no bad habits to speak of and best of all I love scoping! Currently I am attending The Court Reporting School of Dallas online and have a 4.0 GPA. Yes, I would love to be a certified reporter. My home has a complete home office and I am able to adapt easily to your style of editing or preferences. If you are looking for fast turnaround, excellent grammer and punctuation give me a try! I can recieve any kind of wav. files,

I guess I should get down to the nitty gritty, DigitalCat is the software that I am using and I can convert all CAT files. In order to go to school I had to sell my Total Eclipse software but I did get a student version of CaseCATalyst so if you only need 50 file pages or you don't mind piece mealing a case then I could use Case. If you would like more info on me you can always google me under Yvette Melanson. LOL I am "The Lost Child" who is now the found scopist that can meet your needs.

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Welcome, Yvette!! It's great to see you here.

It sounds like you've got your business pretty well
figured out and just need to get an additional court reporter or two.
That's great for you.
Would you share a little bit about the scoping work you have been doing
so we can get to know you a little better?

I wish you well in all of your court reporting studies as well.

Ms.Devon Roberts
Hello Devon,

Thank you for your reply to my post on CSRnation. I do not know how to reply to you on the site so I am doing it this way. LOL it will take me some time until I can get the understanding of how to explore the site. I have done depositions, voir dires, trials, criminal, medical, and child custody cases. I read steno and can write on my stentura and looking forward to becoming a reporter. Most of the work I have done was for a reporter from CT, but as long as I have the format for the agency or a reporter that would want me as a scopist, I’m golden.

I have worked in the medical field for over 30 years as a Paramedic, CNA, and EMT, and have been doing MT work for the same amount of time. I am a certified MT if that helps any. Although I enjoy MT work, I prefer scoping a great deal more. If there are any other questions you would want to ask me, please feel free. I would also accept gratefully any help or suggestions you can give me.

Thank you,
Yvette LaRochelle


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