is everyone aware that right now there is a recommendation to replace court reporters in the California Courts with electronic recorders starting with budget year 2008/09?

Lobbyists, CCRA and other associations are lobbying for us in Sacramento, but I think that we reporters should be supporting them ....

I was just wondering if other court reporters are aware of this and what we should be doing to help ....

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Yes, I have a suggestion. The people making the decisions could be in a very desperate state of mind and all they see is dollar signs. We've been lucky all these years that this hasn't happened, but our state is in a desperate budget crunch now and who knows? I think it would be great if those with the power to make these decisions received letters from attorneys and court reporters with our first hand knowledge as to why this would not work ...
I need to go to work. Let's share ideas on this. I'd love to be a little proactive in protecting our industry.
Thanks for replying,
I"m glad to hear you are keeping informed. I've been checking the California Court Reporters Association website frequently these days to see the updates ,,, I wish everyone on this site would check it out. They're always making suggestions of how we can make a difference. I don't think reporters realize how hard our lobbyists are working for us on Capitol Hill and how expensive it is. I really believe that if it wasn't for them, there would have already been Electronic Recordings in our courtrooms ... which eventually would trickle down to court reporters. PLEASE CHECK OUT THEIR SITE. It's our future.

That's the correct website.


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