I recently had one of the worst days in my reporting life when I got to the job and my machine wouldn't turn on. My battery's been dead for a long time, so I've been just using the AC adapter. Those batteries don't even last a year. And my AC adapter somehow frayed overnight. I usually carry two AC adapters but was unfortunately using my spare. Living dangerously, I know. Well, it all blew up in my face that day.

The agency had to immediately find a replacement for me while I ran around Los Angeles and beyond to get my machine repaired. From my depo in Simi Valley, I drove to Ken Goodwin's repair place in West Covina. He was able to get it turned on and running, put in a new battery in. It looked like I was ready to go. Couldn't wait to get back to relieve the reporter who relieved me.

But then he upgraded the internal software and couldn't get it to turn on after that. He didn't know what happened but felt bad, suggested I go to the Steno Doctor in Orange. So I drive there, and they give me a loaner.

They just told me that they don't know what's wrong with my machine and that I need a new mother board. $1000 for a new mother board. Time to buy a new machine, I guess. My Stentura was only seven years old, and it'd been refurbished and cleaned over the years.

I was considering spending the thousand dollars so I could have a back-up machine. But I don't want to do that if it's just going to happen again. Neither repair place could explain what was wrong with it or how it happened. Of course, it was working fine just the day before.

Has anyone ever had to replace their mother board?

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Holy shit!!! I feel for you. I can feel my heart aching just thinking about it. I would seriously be so stressed out.

I have not had to replace the motherboard (knock on wood). That's really weird that it went like that.

Virginia's selling her Lightspeed. I just talked to the Steno Doctor the other day. He said the ProCat's Stylus was a really good machine and has the fewest repairs of the new machines out there. He said they're a good company and their machine is better than the Mira in terms of dependability
Yvette, I am so glad you posted that. I had completely forgotten about insurance. I don't know why. I just automatically assumed the worst - I have to buy a new machine or dump $1000 into my old, broken one.

I'm going to call my renter's insurance. When I got the policy, I made sure my steno machine and laptop were covered. Can't believe I forgot about that. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks, guys!
Marla and Yvette,
Thanks for pointing out the renter's insurance coverage. I didn't specify my laptops or machines on mine, but I will be calling my broker in the morning.



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