Can you all share with me your must haves as far as reference material? I am not quite through theory, but would like to start scoping soon and want to be armed with materials that I will need. I thought I had seen a post, but couldn't find anything with the search bar.

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I use SearchMaster as my main reference tool - It's specifically designed for court reporters and has over 100 glossaries with millions of references. Small investment for a great product :)
I almost exclusively just search online for stuff nowadays, but I do like Quick Look Drug Book, Gray's Anatomy and down here, an Oil & Gas glossary type book. But really, the Internet has been such a God-send for court reporters. I pretty much find everything I need there. But I also read a ton and have been reporting a really long time, so I may not be telling you the best thing for you. Of course, NCRA has some really good glossaries in their magazines. I wonder if you can access any of that online? That would be cool. You are very smart to be doing this homework while still in theory class. I foresee a bright future for you.
Get a good dictionary. Choose one and stick with it, use it as your default and defer to it when there are differences between dictionaries. Bookmark It references lots of dictionaries and is online at your fingertips.

Get a Morson's Grammar for CRs (I forget the formal name). Gregg's is a good one to have too, although you can get a subscription for an online version. I'm happier when I can Alt-Tab to my references rather than having to have a stack of books next to me.

As soon as you can afford SearchMaster, get it! It's truly invaluable.
thank yo uall, that searchmaster looks great. I am kinda nerdy and like that stack of books. However I can see where actually USING them would get tedious when technology is at your fingertips:)

I did get a screamin' deal on the Morsons Guide. Will look into the Greggs as well.

Thanks again


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