I'm wondering, are there any Case Catalyst users who run their software on a Mac, a Macpro or Macbook Air?

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Hi, Karen.

I know that Rhonda Hall-Breuwett runs Case on her MacBook Air.  She uses Boot Camp, and she loves it!  Rick Greenspan runs CC on his Mac as well.  He wrote an article on it for the JCR, entitled "CAT on a Hot Tin ... Mac?!" a few years back.  Unfortunately, it's been a while since I read the article, so I don't recall how he's running Windows on it; I just know he was very happy.  :o)

I'm running digitalCAT and Eclipse on my MacBook Pro under VMWare Fusion, and I like it a *lot.*  My only problem is I normally run a *LOT* of apps, all the time ... so I need to double my RAM to 8GB and I want to upgrade my hard drive to 1TB.  That will be my birthday present to myself this year ... along with an iPhone, that is.


Hope that helps!

"For a Good (steno) Time ...."

thank you so much for your reply.  I really appreciate the info you've shared.  I plan on going to apple to get a mac and with your help I can assure myself that I can buy a mac airbook


You're welcome, Karen!

I have an out-of-date and unfinished article on Macs and CAT software on my website.  As I said, it's not finished, but you can read it here.

One of the major changes I would make in that article is to reverse my thoughts on the (original) Mac Book Air, for two reasons:

(1)  It now has two USB ports, and

(2)  Solid-state drive technology has gotten much better!

Good luck ... and enjoy!

Correction.  Rhonda Hall-Breuwet uses Parallels on the MacBookAir.  However, if I have a realtime job, I use Bootcamp on the MacBookPro.  One, the Air doesn't really have the specs suggested by SG; and, two, they don't offer support through Parallels.  So if I have a realtime job, I want to ensure that I have support and the suggested requirements.  However, I have never had a problem with Parallels on a daily basis.

I also go through Parallels on my desktop iMac.

thank you

I have a couple of questions. I first installed Parallels and then SG told me NO! so I went with straight bootcamp.  is your software installed on BOTH parelles AND bootcamp then?  just wondering. 

also, have you ever used a USB hub so you can expand your USB ports?  if so, which one, please?

what do you do for audio, do you run it through the headphone jack or do you just rely on the apple's internal mic?

I don't mean to throw you so many questions, but.....you seem like you may have answers


I just use CC on Parallels OR Bootcamp on each computer, not both.

I use a Belkin USB hub when I need it, which is only for realtime jobs.

Audio, I use an Andrea USB sound card and record through that.  You can get them from Stenograph.

I use CC on Apple with VMWare Fusion with no problems, but like Rhonda use the Andrea USB sound card.

thank you so much!


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