Has anyone out there downloaded a variation of Ogg Vorbis that's not from Xiph.org but a variation thereof? When I bought a new laptop, my husband commandeered my old laptop and reformated the hard drive, which I though wasn't a big deal since I had backed up all my files on separate hard drive, but now some of my old audio files aren't working on my new laptop. I had a tech guy come out to try to help me, and boy did he try. He even got a hold of someone from Xiph. org, only to find that the version of Ogg Vorbis I downloaded was, I guess, a pirated version, and that's the reason why the audio files won't work. I need that EXACT version for the codecs. So I thought it wouldn't hurt if I threw it out there and asked for help, and hopefully someone can check what version they have and send me a link to the website they used. Or if anyone has ANY suggestions, I would be very grateful. THanks in advance!!!!


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