I've been debating on getting a new phone for a long time now, and I think I'm finally ready. I"ve narrowed it down to the two. Just wondering what everyone's take is on the BlackBerry versus the iPhone? Anybody?

I've had my same prepaid phone w/ the very basics (only voice mail) for about 4 or 5 years now. I basically only use it for business calls and long distance calls, since there is no extra charge for that on my minutes, but rarely make very lengthy long distance calls. I would really like to start being able to check my e-mail from my phone and maybe have some type of calendar doodad in it, nothing more. And I'm not very good at working these high-tech products, so the easier to use the better.

Now, I haven't looked into the cost of service for either phone at all and am totally clueless about that. I think I've heard my techy sister mention she pays $100 a month for her iPhone -- yikes! I have to mention, again, I've had the same prepaid phone for 5 years. I buy a $40 prepaid card at the end of each month to load on my phone and have only went over my $40 limit twice in 5 five years. I'm very, very nervous about my purchase because my monthly phone bill is probably going to double, but now that I'm a CR I guess I deserve it, right?

So I'd love to hear everyone's pros and cons on the phones. Thanks in advance for all that reply!!

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Thats correct, if you are willing to figure out how to tether a device and depending if your carrier would allow you, then you can.
My BB tmobile tethered easily (which is shocking)

My new iphone has to be "jailbroken" to be able to tether.

I wish carriers would just gives us unlimited everything and stop being big babies.. its 2009 you bastards and with the money we are paying, common!
I was a basic cellphone user finding them very unfriendly until I got my iPhone. I love it. I get my email, text, have all my addresses and phone number on had, music, and have several apps. I log on to Whole Foods and get a recipe. I play Scrabble during my commute and have learned Cribbage. My husband has a MAC, not a PC, and can attach his iPhone and it acts as an air card allowing him to access the internet on the MAC through the iPhone. Love it, love it, love it.
I have to reiterate. I got my BB for email. And that was directly linked to becoming a member of CSRnation. I found it necessary to receive the emails from CSRnation and was able to obtain some jobs and some, I hope, long-term relationships from answering those emails. I found the BB essential for that purpose.

You got to take in the bad with the good when it comes to the iPhone and AT&T. I hated and rebuked AT&T, but when I saw the iPhone 3GS, I had to have it so I bit the bullet and went with AT&T. It's a horrible services, but the phone makes up for it. I'm sure you people can find ways to think the BB is better, but I'm sorry! The apps and speed of the 3GS blow all other phones out of the water. If the thousands of apps aren't your thing, stick with the BB. The iPhone is not for the people who just need or want a phone. It's not just a phone. This thing is part of my life, sadly! Haha! I had Verizon and I'm still paying monthly since I'm under contract. I had to have the iPhone.

Apple is already considering breaking the contractual ties with AT&T
You're right about the aps. That's why I was drooling over the Iphone. But I just couldn't tolerate AT&T. But if you want fun aps, Iphone is the one for sure. I decided to be reasonable instead. BB was a better choice for me, but I still covet that Iphone!

I just scanned this post quickly b/c I'm on my way out the door, so in case I missed it, I apologize. I have a BB now and am thinking of going to the Google My Touch throught T-Mobile. So are you saying that the BB email and any other email are not the same? Do you get email faster with BB? I just thought any phone that allowed email was the same. Somebody explain it to me, 'cause I was going to order the new phone tomorrow, but I don't want to compromise my email delivery.
I'm under the assumption that all phones that get email get it the same. But there is probably a difference in the speed. Don't know. There is the extra fee for the internet service to get email.
I have a Blackberry. If you get an I-Phone you have to download e-mails yourself. On the Blackberry, they just automatically show up on your phone without manually checking them. I like this, because if I get an e-mail about a job then I want to respond ASAP. Hope this helps! I joke and tell my husband that I-Phones aren't for real business people. LOL.
CSRNation is specifically why I chose the BB over the Iphone - specifically for the emails. I've received several jobs because I was able to respond immediately to the email while out on a job or not at home on my computer.

To me, that was worth the continued drooling for the Iphone. Yes, I still drool over that thing. I still want one very much. But for business, the BB is definitely a better choice.

Glad I could help! Whenever I see someone with an I-Phone I always think, they must not need to get e-mails too badly. LOL.
My husband and I were just shopping for new phones. Our old ones were really old and didn't have all the fun gadgets. The salesperson allowed us to play with a variety of them. I found that the BB was much more practical. Now I just need to buy something like "BlackBerry for Dummies" or take a course to learn all what it has to offer. From what I've learned so far, I am thrilled with my purchase!

I know what you mean, and if you find "Blackberry for Dummies" let me know, I desperately need it too :) Having said that, my Storm is great, even the little I know about it - now that I've gotten used to the heat sensitive touch screen.

It seems that most people are saying the Iphone is more about fun aps and the BB is more for serious, business use, and as I need my phone for business it's going to have to be my BB Storm, hands down.


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