Has anyone purchased a new computer lately?  I am in the market and have no idea what kind of laptop to buy!  Any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!

Thanks and Happy New Year, Madonna!

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I've only had ThinkPads and they're great as far as keyboard and audio.  My TP guy, Bob Bogutsky, died, so for my next machine, I might buy one here:    http://www.everbatim.net/store

I have configured all my laptops myself so I don't really need the configuration service that they provide, so I guess it'll depend on the price when I'm ready for a new machine.

From my own mistakes:  

Buy lightweight, easy to carry.  Get a good -sized screen (readback).  Get a nice-sized keyboard.  Get a brand name, one that has a good reputation.  When looking at the "brains", go overboard.  It is better to have too much brains than not enough brains.  I think there is currently brains in the i3 (i5).  (My brains are minimal, but you get the idea).

Processors were i7 three years ago.  I am also considering a new computer soon.  

Wow, that eVerbatim place is uppidity.  Their Thinkpad e540 is almost $1,100.  TigerDirect.com is $619.00.That is a pretty big difference in price.

At least go to TigerDirect.com and see what they have.  

thank you s much~ I appreciate your help!  Happy New Year!


Interesting, Mary Jo.  Thanks for that.  Hopefully I can wait for W10 for any new machine and then I'll see.  

I recently bought two ASUS Zenbooks and absolutely love them.  I bought the first one - weighs about 2 1/2 pounds and very light, so I decided to get a second one as a backup.  Both laptops I bought on eBay used.  They work amazing.  Both computers were about 500 used.  New they're about 1200.  I'm extremely happy with both of them.

Here is a picture of a new one on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Zenbook-UX303LN-DB71T-Quad-HD-Display-Touchsc...

thank you for your input.  I couldn't find any used ones on eBay.  Can you provide the seller?  What software do you use?


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