I am taking the CA CSR exam in October. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice on the exam. I've received the compendiums that the Board has put out and was informed that it's going to be on the written knowledge portion. I'm just wondering how much of the exam is regarding the California codes. I've been working in the NY/NJ area for the past 18 years and pretty much know the rules as far as depositions go, but do not know anything about the codes working as a California official and just wondering what portion of that is usually on the exam.

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Hi, Sarah

A reporter that I work with is interested in taking the CA CSR and
is interested in obtaining a copy of your study guide, if possible.
Would you please email me at kjnielsen@hotmail.com to let me
know how to obtain a copy and also if there is a fee involved?

Thank you, Kathy Nielsen
Hi Sarah,
I would really appreciate the study guide. Here is my email address: suzannestotz2@comcast.net
Sarah --

Me, too ...! gdwarner@cheapandsleazy.net

Thanks ....

Hi, Suzanne. I came out to CA earlier this year to take the CA CSR exam, and it was a great experience getting that under my belt. I can tell you that I had some VERY definite opinions about that written test at the time ... but, as with Kelli, a lot of that has faded with time. But I can tell you that there were a ton of grammar questions on the test. If I can remember right, I believe there were 4 choices for each question, and it sticks in my mind that for some of the questions, the answer could clearly have been either/or for two of those choices.

I believe if you go to some of the CA websites you'll find a breakdown of how much of the test is procedural, how much grammar, etc. I knew at the time, but I forget.

Good luck to you. And please don't let yourself get overwhelmed by the number of people in the room and their nervousness (if any). You walk into the room as if THEY are all taking the test, but YOU are the only reporter there. It's your job that day. You're getting paid for it. It's just another day on your books, and you do your usual best. You'll do just find with the right mindset.


my email is Dananicolecsr@aol.com

Would someone have a study guide for the CA CSR written version?  I have the Compendiums but was wondering if there was a study guide?

It's been a while, but when I took the exam, the written portion involved English and grammar, medical terminology, legal terminology, and professional practice (the various Code sections, et cetera.)  There weren't too many medical terminology questions on the test I took.  It seemed to most heavily concentrate on English/grammar and professional practice.  You should definitely study the Codes.  Again, I took the test a long time ago, back when the machine and written tests were all done in one weekend.  A lot could've changed since then.

Thank you, Emily.  I realized there is a workbook at the back of the compendiums so that is making it a bit less overwhelming.  I will call the Board and ask them if there is a certain CR English book, like Morton's that they use for the grammar portion.  I have been working for 23 years.  I can't imagine that part will be too difficult, but I have heard it's not an ez test.  

Thank you for the reply!

Dana :)


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