My computer locked up on me today because the light on the Convenience Key went out, meaning the key stopped working for some reason.  I got a box on the screen saying the invalid key or some weird message.  I'm in the middle of a realtime job.  I have to stop the deposition and turn my computer off and reboot and start all over.

When will we be able to go keyless like Stenograph??  Please, Eclipse, make it quick.  This is the second time this has happened to me.  If we had a code instead of these keys that get old, we wouldn't have these problems.

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Hi, Kelli.  I think good news in that the keyless version of Eclipse will be available in a fully functional release version by ... my guess ... summer.  That's only, what, a year behind Stenograph?  But they, meaning Advantage, are beta testing the keyless version, and if you'd like to be a guinea pig, just sign up.  I've heard nothing but rave reviews about the keyless version, that it works flawlessly.  You might want to try it. Interesting that I've never had key problems, and just yesterday my key stopped working and had to restart.  Hate when that happens while doing realtime.  Five minutes to reboot feels like a half an hour when all eyes are on the reporter.  Kelli, when do you think Advantage Software will have a 100% working app for realtime on the iPad?  Stenograph won that race, didn't they?  Anyway, my guess on that is a release maybe June or July, and all the bugs out by, what, end of summer?  Damn shame.  M.A.

I was always expecting that Eclipse would be ahead of the game on this stuff.  One can always hope.

My understanding is that the latest version of Eclipse is keyless.  Check with your software support.

My only worry is it's still in the beta testing phase.  That worries me a little bit.  With my luck, it will stop working on a realtime job with five attorneys in the room. 



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